Curious about performance data? Soybean results are in!

Every year, PCT | Sunrise® deploys research plots across Ohio. The plots test current and future products available for growers. The datasets help with placement and recommended environments that PCT products can be utilized to improve crop performance!

Check out the latest PCT in the Field video that covers the 2020 PCT soybean trial data set! Leading the discussion is PCT Sales Agronomist Jonah T. Johnson and Research Agronomist Bryan Reeb.



PCT Performs at Precision Planting’s PTI Farm!

Take a closer look at how PCT | Sunrise® performed at the Precision Planting PTI farm in Pontiac, Ill. Join PCT | Sunrise Sales Agronomist Jonah Johnson and Research Agronomist Bryan Reeb to review the results.

PCT | Sunrise performed well at the PTI Farm for the second year in a row. Nutritional treatments were applied as “in-furrow” applications.

Watch the video below for the full summary!


PCT in the Field: Why Stalks Matter

Join Bryan Reeb, PCT | Sunrise® Research Agronomist, as he checks out the preliminary results from a plot in Clark County.

The video will take a closer look at the following product:

Croprotek Corn Seed Overtreatment includes “early-season” nutrition and other beneficial ingredients to assist in uniform emergence, vigor and health via seed-applied treatment “on top” of a previously applied fungicide and insecticide seed treatment

PCT in the Field: Got Missed Weeds?

Join PCT | Sunrise® Research Agronomist Bryan Reeb in the latest edition of PCT in the Field.

Bryan discusses a sprayer issue and PCT adjuvant recommendations as he scouts a field in Wilmington, Ohio.

During the video, Bryan will review PCT | Sunrise products from our Adjutec® lineup including:

PCT in the Field: Did YOUR crop get a “jumpstart” this year?

In this edition of PCT in the Field we review preliminary results of a side-by-side starter comparison. We analyze a PCT | Sunrise® starter program against an established competitor starter program.

PCT Starter Program Includes:

Providing insights from the field are PCT | Sunrise Agronomist Jonah T. Johnson and Sunrise Agronomy Solutions Advisor Jeremy Reese.

If you would like to learn more about enhancing your starter program contact a member of the PCT team or a Sunrise Agronomy Solutions Advisor.


Five Reasons To Use BioZolve To Dissolve Organic Waste

Eliminating solids and odors in septic systems, grease traps and ponds can be tough. Why not let naturally occurring bacteria that thrive in organic environments take care of the work?

BioBuild® BioZolve from PCT | Sunrise® is a blend of more than two dozen beneficial strains of microorganisms that dissolve organic solids in multiple situations. It’s a great choice for home and business owners who want to proactively maintain healthy septic and grease trap systems. For water lovers who enjoy recreational activities on their lake or pond, it also reduces muck, sediment and organic decay to improve dissolved oxygen levels while decreasing noxious odors.

With so many similar cleaning products to choose from, it might be difficult to know how BioZolve compares. Here are five ways it stands out from the competition.


BioZolve is 100% natural. It contains only live bacteria inoculant with no added chemicals, enzymes or surfactants. In fact, using chemicals like bleach with BioZolve can reduce its effectiveness because it kills the bacteria, so increased dosing is required.


BioZolve provides up to 4x the power of similar products on the market. Most competitors contain one or two strains of microorganisms. Some have up to six. BioZolve boasts more than 24 different strains, making it a diverse and highly effective ally in the fight against organic waste.


BioZolve’s bacteria are especially effective at dissolving grease, fats and oils in drains, grease traps and septic systems. BioZolve doesn’t just emulsify them like most products, it actually breaks them down and liquifies them. This improves effluent discharge quality and reduces the need for pump outs.


BioZolve is easy to use. For septic systems and drains, simply pour into drains or toilets according to label instructions, allow it to sit overnight, then use sinks, showers and other facilities as usual the next day. Add to lakes and ponds during summer months by pouring BioZolve into the body of water according to label instructions, and let it work without waiting to enjoy activities. Let these beneficial microbes do the work for you.


BioZolve is formulated and produced by experts at PCT | Sunrise. That means customer questions, concerns and orders are taken care of by people who know the products and care about delivering results. In fact, now is a great time to learn more and find out if BioZolve is right for your home or business. Email or call us to get started.

By: Jeff Corraini, Sales & Marketing Lead, PCT | Sunrise

Get the Most Out of Your Spring Burndown with AdjuTec Adjuvants

Late harvest coupled with cool, wet spring weather has taken a toll on weed management programs. Growers who were not able to apply a fall herbicide program are experiencing greater challenges now due to heavy rainfall and delayed planting. Staying ahead of large weed populations with spring burndown is key to giving crops their best start.

Adjuvants are a great way to enhance herbicides’ success. PCT | Sunrise® offers a variety of options through their AdjuTec® product line that work with different traits and chemistries for customized solutions. Here are a few options to consider:

AdjuTec® AMS Gold Plus

AMS Gold Plus delivers a high concentration of ammonium sulfate at a low use-rate for glyphosate burndown programs as well as in post applications in glyphosate tolerant soybean genetics.  Water conditioners like AMS, condition adverse hardness in water sources, allowing for successful herbicide movement into target weed population.

AdjuTec® AMS Tru

AMS Tru delivers similar concentration and conditioning benefits to AMS Gold Plus but is tailored for glufosinate-based programs. It provides improved wetting activity of spray droplets, excellent deposition on narrow grass leaf surfaces and humectant properties to keep spray droplets on plants longer for full absorption.

AdjuTec® Last Shot

Last Shot is a nonionic surfactant with a superior deposition aid that significantly improves uniform coverage, adhesion and penetration of the active ingredient through waxy or weather-hardened cuticles. It’s formulated with an AMS-free water conditioner that helps prevent the loss of active ingredient efficacy, which can occur when the mixing water is mineral saturated or of unknown quality.

Last Shot is recommended for use with a broad range of crops and non-crops when tank mixing active ingredients like glyphosate, glufosinate, 2,4-D and dicamba. It improves uptake of herbicides in adverse conditions early or late in the season.

For more information or a recommendation to fit your program, contact our agronomy team for a free consultation.

By: Jonah T. Johnson, PCT Sales Agronomist

Stay Ahead of Weather Stress and Yield Loss With the Right Crop Nutrients

Farmers trying to push corn and soybean yields to the max should consider the impact of crop stress and develop a plan to minimize its effects. In the spring, cool, wet weather limits germination, plant stands and can lead to poor nodulation in soybeans. During growth, prolonged periods of heat can lead to moisture loss in the soil causing stress to the crop. In fact, just four consecutive days of hot, dry weather could reduce corn yields by 5-10%.

By the time farmers spot leaf rolling in their corn crop or flipped leaves in their soybeans, it could be too late to reverse the damage.

One way to stay ahead of unpredictable weather and stress is with PCT | Sunrise® BioBuild™ C-Green. C-Green is a rich mix of naturally occurring growth stimulators – including seaweed extract, organic acids and trace minerals – that encourage development of large, vigorous root systems. This helps ensures proper nutrient uptake during early-season growth.

Later in the season, it also benefits crops during critical reproduction stages by promoting lateral branching, flower formation, flower retention and pod development in soybeans. In corn, C-Green stimulates pollen shed, tube formation and while keeping silk tubes viable. Ensuring plants are in peak health during this time can translate to more bushels at harvest.

For best results, C-Green can be used in-furrow as an on-seed starter, 2×2 and/or applied as a foliar during V3-R1 (corn) and V3- R2 (soybeans) at least two weeks prior to a stress event. Since Mother Nature is unpredictable, using it as a preventative provides a low cost “insurance policy” to keep crops healthy and on track for high yield potential.

Learn more about C-Green and how it can work for your operation. Contact our PCT | Sunrise team with questions.

By: Vince Willman, Northern Team Technical Lead

Maximize Crop Protection with AdjuTec Adjuvants

With disease, weed and pest management issues on the rise, farmers depend on herbicides/pesticides to perform as labeled throughout the growing season. Since plants have many natural barriers that prevent penetration by these products, adjuvants help maximize their effectiveness by improving absorption and reducing the potential for off-target spray drift. The PCT | Sunrise® AdjuTec® lineup offers several options for farmers who want to get the most out of each application.

AdjuTec® AMS Tru

Growers switching from glyphosate to glufosinate herbicides like Interline® and Liberty® will appreciate the chemistry of AdjuTec AMS Tru. It offers one of the most concentrated formulas of ammonium sulfate available at a dry equivalent of 5.7 lbs./100. AMS Tru keeps spray droplets on plants longer for full absorption and at the same time minimizes sulfate crystallization on leaves which prevents absorption by the plant. It is cost effective, easy to use and can be mixed with several other water-soluble herbicides, fertilizers and fungicides to enhance performance.


For those looking to minimize drift and ensure spray deposition, AdjuTec’s ZEPHYR family of adjuvants are extremely effective. Made from a water-loving base product that is highly visual during application, ZEPHYR adjuvants help create a more uniform spray pattern with large droplets that reach target plants. ZEPHYR products aid in targeted product deposition in three ways:

These products offer options such as low use rates, opportunities for aerial application and provide excellent crop safety.

All AdjuTec products are labeled for use with a broad spectrum of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, plus they are easy to tank mix. AdjuTec is supported by PCT | Sunrise, so customers can easily connect with experts to help select the right adjuvants and address any questions.

Get to know the full AdjuTec lineup, plus find labels, rates and tank mix instructions to bring ultimate crop protection to your fields.