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Biological Boost

Our BioBuild® family of biological products uses multiple modes of action and bacteria strains to promote plant growth and reduce stress. Products are proven to enhance a variety of crops including corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, vegetables and tomatoes.

Microbial Advantage

BioBuild®’s combination beneficial microbes, biologicals and organic acids help plants break dormancy, deal with environmental challenges and ensure sound nutrition throughout the growing season. Fulvic acid and seaweed extract are a few of the unique ingredients in this family of products.

Application Support

BioBuild® products are safe and easy to use. Application timing, rates and restrictions vary with each product. Local PCT experts can help you determine the right approach to achieve optimal results for your crops.

PCT | Sunrise BioBuild® Biologicals

Find specific microbial information and application rates for
the BioBuild® family of products below.

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C-Green Amino + II

C-Green Amino + II is a seaweed extract fortified with organic acids in combination with N-amino acids + a soil penetrating agent to help any plant mitigate stress.
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BioComplete II

BioComplete II is a blend of over two dozen various strains of beneficial microbes that enhance plant health and vigor. It is designed to increase flower production, healthier and more vigorous root systems along with phosphate solubilization and nitrogen fixation.
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Digester is a highly concentrated blend of beneficial microorganisms formulated to reduce field stubble and crop residue. It helps break down cellulose, proteins, lipids, starches, lignins and chitins, returning them to the soil for the next crop.
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Manure MGR

Manure MGR is comprised of over 25 strains of microorganisms that thrive by degrading livestock manure in waste pits and lagoons. It’s 100% natural and safe to use.
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Soy BioST + R

Soy BioST + R combines a select group of concentrated beneficial microbes with an organic food source applied as a seed treatment inoculant for enhanced early growth, vigor and to develop a larger root mass on many crops.
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BioSpray II

BioSpray II is a specifically designed biostimulant technology containing a beneficial microbial team along with organic acid complexes, plant derived hydrolysates, rhizobia, nitrogen and soil-penetrating technologies to provide a biological benefit for producers who do not have in-furrow delivery capability.
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BioZolve is a blend of over two dozen "beneficial" strains of microorganisms with an affinity for organic solids.
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Nourish 10S

Nourish 10S contains humic and fulvic acids, combining minerals into organic compounds that are more available to plants.
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The organic matter used for the creation of SUN-5 is leonardite, which is organic matter associated with lignite that has not yet completed the process of transformation to coal.
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The biggest thing that we noticed this year is that the root mass is so much larger. 
That is going to help us when we go into a stressful period. We feel like that is a huge benefit for us. Our hairline roots are much greater this year as well. The uptake of nutrients with some of the product that we put in is going to be very beneficial. We have used the starter in the past and gotten along well. We added BioComplete and Fertizol, which helps makes the nutrients that are in the soil more available to the plant. We feel that helped with our root mass.
Chris Waymire, Greene County

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