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Are You Experiencing Glyphosate Shortages? Now What?

Several major herbicides have very limited supply for the unforeseen future.
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Do You Have Varying Test Weight in Your Corn?

Varying weather, disease and stalk rots can all lead to varying test weight in corn.
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Be Vigilant of Corn Standability, Ear Molds and Fall Armyworm

High-yielding crops coupled with a challenging growing season in 2021, has led to many growers experiencing corn stalk quality issues and ear molds.
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Soybeans Showing Signs of Stress Across Ohio

Listen in this week as we explain Manganese deficiency and what causes this in our soybeans.
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Soybean Conundrum of the Week? Cover Crops, Voles, Phytophthora, Oh My!

Heavy residue from prior crops can benefit and harm future plantings.
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Slow Growing Soybeans and SDS. There’s a Test for That!

Soybeans across Ohio have been rather slow in their growing progress.
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What’s Your Wheat Growth Stage?

Flowering is upon us, fungicide timing is approaching!
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Evaluating Your Crop Status: Plant Digs, Disease & Insect Scouting

Evaluating your crop stands and overall health now will be important in the future.
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PCT | Sunrise® – Introducing the Brands

Our Brand offers products and custom blends to fit every acre.
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Preparing For The Freeze: Part 2 – Evaluating Your Crop’s Response To Freeze

Tune in for specifics on dissecting your wheat plants and looking for freeze damage.
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Crop Planning with PCT | Sunrise

Planning your Crop Production Program with PCT | Sunrise®
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PCT | Sunrise History

Founded in 2003, PCT | Sunrise® continually enhances its portfolio.
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Preparing For The Freeze: Part 1 – Know Your Growth Stage!

Tune in to evaluate where your crop growth stage is and see what we can do going forward.
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PCT | Sunrise: From Planting to Harvest and Beyond

The right products on your acre, From Planting to Harvest & Beyond.
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Does Fall Fertilizer Matter to Winter Wheat?

Establishing a successful winter wheat crop begins in the fall.
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Curious About Performance Data? Soybean Results Are In!

See our PCT | Sunrise® soybean trial data results.
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Curious About Performance Data? The Corn Results Are In!

Check out our PCT | Sunrise® corn trial data results.
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PCT Performs At Precision Planting’s PTI Farm!

Consistent results at the PTI Farm for the second year in a row.
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Don’t Get “Agitated” When Mixing Your Herbicide Spray Mixes!

What do proper planning and mixing order have in common? Tune in to learn more!
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Mixing Extra Nutrients With Your Starter Fertilizer In 2021? Be Cautious!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Choosing nutrients and making sure they are chelated and compatible.
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