PCT | Sunrise® GrainMaker®
The GrainMaker® family of products help crops finish strong and resist late-season diseases to maximize yields at harvest. Find specific nutrient formulation and application information for each of our GrainMaker® finishers below.
PCT | Sunrise - GrainMaker
Give your soybeans additional nutrition just when it needs it to retain flowers and fill pods. Soy Finisher, applied during growth stages R1-R5, contains promotes continued division of cells, and leaf and root growth.
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Apply at tassel to ensure your corn has that extra boost of nutrition to fill out each corn ear. Promotes pollen tube growth through corn silks to increase pollination and kernel development during VT-R1.
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Finish Strong

Complete your crop nutrient management program with finisher that give your corn and soybean plants the final boost, maximizing yields and protecting crops until harvest.

Full Potential

GrainMaker® provides growth promoting rhizobacteria to enhance the division of cells as well as leaf and root growth. For corn, the added sugar promotes pollen tube growth and fertilization to full out each ear of corn. Soybeans also receive boron and sugar to move nutrients throughout the plant, retain flowers and fill pods.

A Healthy Bottom Line

Applying a PCT | Sunrise® finisher in the last stages of growth gives your crop the additional nutrition they need to develop to their full potential and also increase tolerances to common foliar diseases. GrainMaker finishers from PCT | Sunrise are compatible with fungicides and insecticides to make application easy and reduce your trips across the field.

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