Defend Early and Often

Our Croprotek lineup of products is our newest offering that can defend your crop from insects, weeds, diseases and nitrogen loss at varying growth stages.

Premium Protection

Croprotek seed treatments are custom blended offering options with fungicide, insecticide, and a dry seed finisher to provide superior protection in soybean production. Include “early season” nutrition to assist in uniform emergence, vigor and health with our corn seed overtreatment.

Ease of Use

Croprotek products have been specially formulated to defend your crop at multiple growth stages. They are compatible with other seed treatments, inoculants, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Multiple package offerings add to your ease of use.

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Premium ST

A custom blend that provides early season control of many seed-borne and soil-borne diseases and insect pressure.
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Standard ST

A custom blend that combines three fungicide chemistries to provide crops with early season control of many seed-borne and soil-borne diseases encountered in soybean production.
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Corn Seed Overtreatment

Early season nutrition to assist in root development, uniform emergence, vigor and health via seed-applied treatment “on top” of a previously applied fungicide and insecticide seed treatment.
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A nitrogen stabilizer that reduces the loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere through volatilization.
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Permeate SC

Developed to improve downward water movement and increase infiltration into the soil profile
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