Mid-Season Momentum with PCT | Sunrise

Our PCT | Sunrise® BioBuild®, Croprotek® and FolrFeed® product families are filled with crop nutrient products to help your farm operation with that mid-season momentum.

BioBuild products use multiple modes of action and bacteria strains to promote plant growth and reduce stress. These three BioBuild products are what we recommend during those early to mid growth stages.

FolrFeed products offer mid-season solutions for correcting nutrient deficiencies that are visible and invisible.

Croprotek products defend your crop from insects, weeds, diseases and nitrogen loss at varying growth stages. Out of the 11 Croprotek products PCT | Sunrise has to offer, these three products are great examples for your crop protection toolbox.

Our StandUp® and NutraBurst® product of families promote early plant health and adds micronutrients with customized crop nutrition blends.

Contact your PCT | Sunrise team to help with your mid-season momentum on your operation.