Five Reasons To Use BioZolve To Dissolve Organic Waste

Eliminating solids and odors in septic systems, grease traps and ponds can be tough. Why not let naturally occurring bacteria that thrive in organic environments take care of the work?

BioBuild® BioZolve from PCT | Sunrise® is a blend of more than two dozen beneficial strains of microorganisms that dissolve organic solids in multiple situations. It’s a great choice for home and business owners who want to proactively maintain healthy septic and grease trap systems. For water lovers who enjoy recreational activities on their lake or pond, it also reduces muck, sediment and organic decay to improve dissolved oxygen levels while decreasing noxious odors.

With so many similar cleaning products to choose from, it might be difficult to know how BioZolve compares. Here are five ways it stands out from the competition.


BioZolve is 100% natural. It contains only live bacteria inoculant with no added chemicals, enzymes or surfactants. In fact, using chemicals like bleach with BioZolve can reduce its effectiveness because it kills the bacteria, so increased dosing is required.


BioZolve provides up to 4x the power of similar products on the market. Most competitors contain one or two strains of microorganisms. Some have up to six. BioZolve boasts more than 24 different strains, making it a diverse and highly effective ally in the fight against organic waste.


BioZolve’s bacteria are especially effective at dissolving grease, fats and oils in drains, grease traps and septic systems. BioZolve doesn’t just emulsify them like most products, it actually breaks them down and liquifies them. This improves effluent discharge quality and reduces the need for pump outs.


BioZolve is easy to use. For septic systems and drains, simply pour into drains or toilets according to label instructions, allow it to sit overnight, then use sinks, showers and other facilities as usual the next day. Add to lakes and ponds during summer months by pouring BioZolve into the body of water according to label instructions, and let it work without waiting to enjoy activities. Let these beneficial microbes do the work for you.


BioZolve is formulated and produced by experts at PCT | Sunrise. That means customer questions, concerns and orders are taken care of by people who know the products and care about delivering results. In fact, now is a great time to learn more and find out if BioZolve is right for your home or business. Email or call us to get started.

By: Jeff Corraini, Sales & Marketing Lead, PCT | Sunrise

October 1, 2019, 8:45 AM

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