Maximize Crop Protection with AdjuTec Adjuvants

With disease, weed and pest management issues on the rise, farmers depend on herbicides/pesticides to perform as labeled throughout the growing season. Since plants have many natural barriers that prevent penetration by these products, adjuvants help maximize their effectiveness by improving absorption and reducing the potential for off-target spray drift. The PCT | Sunrise® AdjuTec® lineup offers several options for farmers who want to get the most out of each application.

AdjuTec® AMS Tru

Growers switching from glyphosate to glufosinate herbicides like Interline® and Liberty® will appreciate the chemistry of AdjuTec AMS Tru. It offers one of the most concentrated formulas of ammonium sulfate available at a dry equivalent of 5.7 lbs./100. AMS Tru keeps spray droplets on plants longer for full absorption and at the same time minimizes sulfate crystallization on leaves which prevents absorption by the plant. It is cost effective, easy to use and can be mixed with several other water-soluble herbicides, fertilizers and fungicides to enhance performance.


For those looking to minimize drift and ensure spray deposition, AdjuTec’s ZEPHYR family of adjuvants are extremely effective. Made from a water-loving base product that is highly visual during application, ZEPHYR adjuvants help create a more uniform spray pattern with large droplets that reach target plants. ZEPHYR products aid in targeted product deposition in three ways:

  • ZEPHYR helps decrease small water droplets which can move off target.
  • The anti-bounce properties of ZEPHYR minimizes the largest water droplet sizes which when applied to target plant foliage minimizes bounce, shatter and run off.
  • ZEPHYR also increases the depth of canopy penetration thus increasing coverage especially where dense foliage exists.

These products offer options such as low use rates, opportunities for aerial application and provide excellent crop safety.

All AdjuTec products are labeled for use with a broad spectrum of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, plus they are easy to tank mix. AdjuTec is supported by PCT | Sunrise, so customers can easily connect with experts to help select the right adjuvants and address any questions.

Get to know the full AdjuTec lineup, plus find labels, rates and tank mix instructions to bring ultimate crop protection to your fields.

March 7, 2019, 12:18 PM

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