PCT Plot Trials to Provide Customers With Local, Real-World Data

Growers are seeking ways to produce healthy, productive crops with consistent results. Plot trials are a great way to gather information and see how products perform in the field before purchasing. Since data drives decisions for many farmers, local agronomic experts at PCT | Sunrise® decided to put their line of progressive crop nutrients to the test in comprehensive, on-farm studies.

The study was meticulously designed to monitor the use of crop nutrient products in real-world situations with the goal of gathering multiple data points to maximize insights for Sunrise customers. It included 80 farm locations across Ohio with different soil types, equipment and weather patterns. Soil fertility, biological and foliar products were applied throughout the growing season to corn and soybeans. 

Collaboration was key to implementing this research. Sunrise Agronomy Solutions Advisors (ASAs) identified potential farm cooperators while customers agreed to host plots because they wanted to see how crop nutrients and biologicals could benefit their crops. After the first round of products were applied, a group of trained interns surveyed fields each week, taking photos and recording detailed notes.

Final results won’t be available until after harvest but StandUp® FertizolTM is one product that appears to stand out with consistent performance across plots. It’s an exclusive additive to the StandUp® starter fertilizer product line that makes the nutrients in soil more available to plants and is especially beneficial to crops experiencing stress. 

Research Agronomist Brian Mitchem expects the full study to provide growers with highly local, comprehensive insights on product performance in a variety of conditions. According to Mitchem, even findings that aren’t positive can drive product improvements and learning opportunities.

Stay tuned for PCT | Sunrise® research trial highlights coming soon. In the meantime, see how crop nutrients drive results for Ohio farmers.

October 3, 2018, 2:21 PM

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